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Hypoallergic Cats

In appearance, Cornish Rex are most noticeable for their coat, which ideally falls in marcel waves. However, the coat can wave, curl or ripple. It should be very short, close lying to the body and very soft to the touch. They come in all coat colours, patterns and colour combinations, including any white markings on any coat pattern.

Rex cat have no guard hairs, which are the long firm hairs which make up the outer part of a normal cat's fur. The quality of coat can vary, between siblings, from a very close, tight marcel wave to a deeper more softer rippled effect. With some rex's it take eighteen months or longer before their coats achieve its full potential. But once you have felt a Cornish Rex coat, nothing else feels the same.

The Cornish Rex is extremely affectionate and people oriented. They are very active cats who never lose their kitten like antics. They can be taught quite quickly to fetch, a screwed up piece of paper.

In spite of their elegant, sophisticated appearance, Cornish Rex are anything but. They will make perfect pets for anyone who wants an active companion to share in their life.

Because of their extremely short, fine textured coat, many people believe that the Cornish Rex does not shed hair and is hypoallergenic. All breeds of cats, are constantly renewing their coats as old hairs are replaced by new ones. Whilst Cornish Rex hairs, are not easy to find on clothes and furniture, they are still being shed. In comparison to some other breeds though, the shedding is minimal.

In research it has been found, that most allergic people are bothered by the dander (dead skin cells) and the saliva, both of which are present in Cornish Rex cats.

Female Cornish Rex weight approximately 6 lbs, and males weigh in heavier at 8 lb.

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