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Medicine Cupboard

Listed below are what I think make up a basic Medicine Chest. Included are quiet a few Homeopathic remedies.


Cotton bandage
Cotton wool (sterilised, ordinary and double faced pads
Blunt ended scissors
Lint free gauze
Round ended scissors
Self sticking bandage


Coffee Finely Ground - Yumen Coffee is best, Brazilian Coffee is next best (For wounds, cuts, bites, it draws out the poison and heals the wound quickly; Put fine powder on the wound or cut or bite site.)

Hypericum and Calendula Cream - is a homeopathic cream, use it on a sore places or even an abscess. It heals the wound and closes up the hole from an abscess in record time and even if they lick it, it has no ill effect.

Hypercal (in lotion and cream for cuts and grazes or raw skin)

Iodine - (for the end of the cord to prevent infections)

Peridale - (for diarrhoea) capsules obtainable from the vet (also comes in granules) It is a bulking agent and giving one capsule a day for three to four days should stop the symptoms.

Rescue Remedy - (Bach flower receipt for anything from shock - from post operative stress to problems with settling at shows, for bathing wounds and scratches)!

Be careful with the flower remedies as they are alcoholic, so they're better given on the skin than by mouth, e.g. to the bare skin patches near the cat's ears - they are very easily absorbed from these areas as they are almost hairless and very warm!

Slippery Elm powder - (for the treatment of loose bowels in animals and humans) Mix a teaspoonful each in as little water as possible and spoon into the animals. The water makes it swell but is soft and edible, alternatively sprinkle on or mash into some wet tinned food.

Vitamin B12 - (appetite stimulant) marketed in most pharmacies as "Cytacon", feed them at frequent intervals.



Medicine Chest